Angel Favazza: A Science Fiction Writer

Imaginative, intelligent and restless, Angel Favazza’s writing presents science fiction archetypes in a surprising new light against the backdrop of our modern world. She experiments with form and line, but maintains beauty and accuracy through transformation of scientific ideologies and our notions of what's really out there.

“I incorporate my love of classic science fiction, my love of speculative questioning and my love of figurative and poetic language into my work. I am interested in examining and relating both human perspectives and alien perspectives to serve as a catalyst of the ‘what if?’

"I enjoy using a poetic form that I created and coined, line messaging, wherein the poet utilizes the last line of each stanza to represent an overall idea. So if the last line of each stanza were read separately from the poem it would have a message all its own (see as an invented form on

“I believe that words are every poet’s tool and in a genre-specific collection, words must reify the ideas of truth, of despair, of the universe’s undeniable mysterious actuality. Words help us to feel we belong to something bigger than ourselves and to help us recognize reality and maybe even to help us see part of the undiscovered galaxies of the universe.”     

—Angel Favazza

photo by Philip Southern with permission from C & G Newspaper