Telephone Wires

offer no pause
for ill-omened articulation
instead they flex
and wave away silent

a lightning rod calibrated
to move the century
revealing the mysteries of
the procrastinator’s oaths
and backyard-city cries

huddled behind
a long-forgotten hope
now as dim as a Polaroid picture

©Angel Favazza. Published in An Avid Eye, Pudding House Press, 2009


your un-lidded eyes look
as if they understand me
and your close-lipped mouth
ready to speak rusty lies
your sensor-based gait
carries your boneless legs away
to complete prescribed
behaviors as your
rhythmic armor thumps on
a smooth electric hum
and sweet hydraulic hiss
fade from my soft ears
your lusterless eyes
and function switches
burns my brain-
you're as numb as a fossil
and just as obsolete

©Angel Favazza. Published in Star*Line, 2010



As the jet car ignites
It emits greenish luminescent smoke
From its fiery steel exhaust.
With an electric murmur it gently hums
Along with a piano-string scurry
Across the orange clouds.

From my optical helmet,
I see them below like a swarm of steel fireflies
And with a three-thousand-foot swoop
I catch up.

My ear speaker-button warns of an angry
Parental Interstellar Regulations sighting.
They’ll find us! They’ll find us with their
Forward-rolling vessel and single-minded flight.

With a sudden trick of reflection and
A soundless explosion of violet dust
I flew like a scalded bird.
As I turn to look, hovering soundlessly
Next to me is the civilian babysitter’s vessel.
Within a porthole the blinding glare of my Mom,
Arms crossed, standing in
Her blue-floral housecoat.

©Angel Favazza. Published in Inner Space, Silent Grove Press, 2009

As Far Away

We are as far away as religion
Since the Big Hush shut up our world

Now we live without soft-soaped pulpits
And crisp Communion wafers

We swim between clouds,
Water-seeking, amongst a mechanical rain

As numb fingers try to fix blind robot-faces,
Untroubled features stand motionless, brilliant

Fiery steel, without even the
Vaguest stirrings of our disease

©Angel Favazza. Published in On Metallic Wings, Sam's Dot Publishing, 2009